• 1918

    Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick's father, Mack Blake, helps found Liberty National Bank in OKC.

  • 1920

    Mack Blake acquires Security National Bank in Lawton.

  • 1933

    Great Depression hits Oklahoma, Mack Blake mortgages all his assets to rescue Liberty National Bank.

  • 1946

    John E. and Eleanor B. Kirkpatrick receive Mack Blake's shares in Liberty National Bank.

  • 1947

    John Kirkpatrick elected to board of directors of Liberty National Bank.

  • 1953

    New offices opened on 204 North Robinson, Oklahoma City.

  • 1968

    Liberty National Corporation is formed in anticipation of changes to Oklahoma laws on branching. John Kirkpatrick acquires controlling interest in Stockyards, May Avenue and First Security Banks with options for Liberty National Bank to purchase.

  • 1972

    Morrison Tucker acquires the Liberty National Bank option from John Kirkpatrick and issues a new charter and new names. Stockyards become United Oklahoma Bank and May Avenue becomes Union Bank & Trust; grandson Christian Kirkpatrick Keesee launches banking career at Union a few years later at age 13.

  • 1983

    Oklahoma passes legislation to permit multi-bank holding companies and limited branching in response to economic pressures resulting from the oil bust following OPEC's embargo and subsequent price drops. Oklahoma economy in severe distress; 22 banks have failed in five years.

  • 1984

    Liberty National Bank in Oklahoma City and First National Bank of Tulsa merge under the new law as Banks of Mid-America, the largest multi-bank holding company in the state; Kirkpatrick holds 10% of common stock, largest voting block.

  • 1986

    Economic woes deepen; U.S. Tax Act offers exemptions for owners of real estate who do not manage their own properties and Oklahoma City office vacancy rate rises to 1/3 of market space.

    First National of Tulsa acquires Bank of Commerce; Liberty National acquires First National Bank of Norman and Citizen's National Bank.

    Liberty National Bank begins to experience losses; Kirkpatrick as chairman calls in Ray Hefner and Charles Nelson to address a restructure of operations.

  • 1988

    Twenty-thousand Oklahoma companies filed bankruptcy from 1987 to the first quarter of 1988; only two of Oklahoma's 10 largest banks still exist. Banks of Mid-America require recapitalization to continue operations and board considers an acquisition offer from a national source for $60 million. Kirkpatrick, Nelson and Hefner develop the Oklahoma Plan to raise $75 million from Oklahomans; Kirkpatrick family pledges $20 million and board accepts the plan unanimously. Christian Kirkpatrick Keesee acquires American Bank & Trust in Edmond, named chairman.

  • 1990

    Heritage National Bank merges with American Bank & Trust.

  • 1993

    Liberty Bancorp, the holding company replacing Mid-America Banks, under Nelson as CEO, pays their first dividend to shareholders.

  • 1995

    American Bank & Trust acquires 100% of the stock of American Capital Mortgage Company.

  • 2001

    American Bank & Trust merges with Farmers Bank in Ault, Colorado, and forms Intermountain Bank in Colorado Springs.

  • 2002

    American Bank & Trust opens branches in Oklahoma City and Edmond, Okla.

  • 2004

    American Bank & Trust changes its name to Kirkpatrick Bank.

  • 2007

    Colorado branches operating under Intermountain Bank are united under the name Kirkpatrick Bank.