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The U.S. Postal Service handles more than 207 billion pieces of mail each month. That's 207 billion opportunities for identity thieves to obtain information that can be used to steal people's identities. And those criminals take advantage of as many of those opportunities as they can. In fact, your mailbox is the riskiest non-technological point for identity theft.


  • When mailing checks, mail them directly from the post office. Or better yet, try secure online bill paying. As for incoming mail, you might consider a locked mailbox or a post office box at the post office.
  • If a credit card bill or bank statement is late in arriving, it might mean that your identity has been stolen and the identity thief has changed the address of the account. Always be vigilant in keeping track of the timely receipt of all financial account documents and bills.
  • When ordering new checks, don’t have them mailed to your home, where an identity thief can steal them from your mailbox. Pick them up yourself at your bank.


  • All 8/31 month end statements are available in internet banking.
  • The 8/14 conversion statements are available in internet banking.
  • Historical statements will be available in internet banking by September 30,2015. In the meantime you can see your past transactions in internet banking by:
    1. Simply sign into internet banking
    2. Select the account number in “My Accounts”
    3. Place your cursor over the Transaction tab at the top, select “All Transactions” in that drop down menu.
    4. You will then be able to see past transactions
  • If you need a previous statement before September 30th, please contact customer service at 405-341-8222 or 1-866-262-2657

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