Merchant Services

From POS systems to mobile card processing, we have you covered

Who Needs It?

  • Sole proprietors with a need to process payments from their smartphone or mobile device 

  • On-the-go businesses needing a handheld, full-function POS in a small footprint with more functionality than a phone (at a low cost) 

  • Restaurants or general retail needing a feature-rich full point of sale system integrating with orders, assignments and pay at table options 

  • Any business needing to integrate purchase options on their website 

  • Any business interested in integrating QuickBooks processing

  • Any business interested in accepting PayPal transactions

  • Non-profits seeking to increase fundraising capabilities and lower costs 

  • Municipalities, Counties, agencies, and schools looking for cloud-based solutions for revenue collection 

Best news of all – our merchant services systems and programs are fully EMV compliant, and can grow with your business. Start out using a phone and grow to using a full point of sale system? No problem, your back office support is the same, maintaining continuity and security, supporting any system or program. Fast, efficient, reliable.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Process on the go with your smartphone or tablet with fast activation and pairing – Android or Apple; reliable and secure

Mobile Plus Hand-Held Wireless

Handheld, full-function POS in a small footprint, with additional features like save/hold, recall orders, inventory alerts, email and print options, sales reporting/analytics, and more.

Full Point of Sale Systems

All of the above, plus pay at table, optional accessories like kitchen printers, BT scanners, customer-facing touch display for on-screen tipping and signature capture

TransIT Web Pass

Online gateway and virtual terminal integrating with your website for payment processing to support shopping carts, recurring transactions, credit card expiration reporting, and more…


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