ID Theft/Fraud

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You probably already know that it is important to protect your identity from potential thieves, but how? Kirkpatrick Bank has stringent privacy policies to protect your personal information. To ensure online security, we require a password for all online transactions (more on that later). Online transactions are also encrypted, converting your information into secure code to protect against hackers.

Despite all the measures we take, securing your personal information is not possible without taking a number of measures yourself.

  • Create a secure password. It is best to use a mix of letters and numbers, and not actual words. Never use personal information as a password.
  • Do not give out financial information like credit card numbers or your Social Security number, unless you know the person or organization, and know how they will be using this information.
  • Periodically contact major credit reporting companies to review your credit score make sure the information is correct. You can do this for free here.
  • Report lost or stolen checks and cards immediately. We will block payment on them.
  • Guard your ATM Personal Identification Number and receipts closely.
  • Shred all documents that contain personal information before you discard them.
  • If you find questionable items on a bill or bank statement, do not ignore them. Investigate it immediately to prevent possible fraud.
  • Notify your banker if you receive any suspicious calls requesting personal information.