Internet & Mobile Banking

Internet Banking

Getting Started

1. Go to

  • In the upper right hand corner, see choices above the log in boxes (enroll, business enroll, see demo, learn more.

2. Click enroll (personal account)

  • Read through then click the check box and agree box for two disclosure and consent statements
  • Complete enrollment form
  • Check your email 24-48 hours later for a confirmation that enrollment is complete

3. Go to

  • Enter your username and password in the log in boxes
  • Start managing your accounts
  • Refer to “demo” in the top right hand corner at to watch the short video about the features of internet banking for personal or commercial accounts

Online Payments

Enroll in billpay

  • Click on Payments, then click the link to request bill pay services or click on User Services.
  • User Services page:  select ”action” on the left of the account listing and choose “edit”
  • Under ”available services,” choose “add bill pay.”  Click on “submit,” then enter biller information as directed.

Bill Pay Features

  • Add or delete billers; set automatic payments or make payments at your convenience
  • Set up email reminders to make payments & receive confirmation when payments are sent
  • Get e-bills sent to you via your secure inbox
  • Pay same day: billers accepting electronic transfer (ACH) are designated  with the option under the payment/ date boxes with “Pay Today” in blue.  (A fee of $9.95 applies) 
  • Pay overnight: payments sent overnight with guaranteed delivery.  (A fee of $15.95 applies)
  • Pay individuals for personal payments
    • Select  ”Popmoney” in the highlighted list on the right  (between “Manage My Bill” and “Help”)
    • Enter the person's name and their mobile number on their email; enter the amount to be sent and a brief message.
    • The recipient gets the message and logs on to to process the payment to their account (A fee of $0.55 applies once the recipient accepts payment)

Resetting your Internet Banking Passcode

1. To reset your passcode, you will need to have:
a. Your Access ID

b. Your Tax ID or Social Security Number

c. Your Account Number

2. Right under the log in boxes find "Forgot Passcode?" and select it.

3. Enter the information listed in step one in the fields provided on the screen "Online Banking Passcode Reset."
4. The next screen will ask you to answer your security verification question; enter your answer and click on submit.
5. The next screen will ask you to enter a passcode, twice; once to create it and a second time to verify it. Then select submit.
6. The next screen acknowledges that you have reset your passcode. You must click on "DONE" in order for the passcode to be functional.
7. You will receive an email immediately giving you your Passcode Reset Confirmation Code, a series of letters and numbers.
8. You can click on the link provided in the email, or you can go back to log in to your account from the website, using your new passcode. A screen will come up called "Passcode Reset Confirmation." Enter the code provided in the email and click on submit.

9. If you have tried this and nothing is working, contact customer service. We will contact you within normal business hours to assist you. 

Notify Me Alerts Options

  • Set up alerts to go to your email or mobile device (SMS text) regarding:
    • Account activity: balance, checks cleared, deposits made, transaction activity
    • Security: successful log in, security changes made, online transfer processed
    • Service alerts: notice of a new message in your internet banking inbox

User Services

  • You can manage all your account features including:
    • Enroll in mobile banking
    • Set up transaction categories for budget or tax filing purposes
    • Stop payments, request documents, reorder checks, order a check card
    • Change security settings or update personal information


  • You can send and receive messages about your account via secure email


  • Enroll by agreeing to the disclosure statement
  • View and print monthly statements


  • You can move money from account to account - on a schedule or as needed. (Savings account withdrawals subject to fee of $5 for each withdrawal over 6)

KB Go Mobile sign up

You must be enrolled in Internet Banking before signing up for Mobile Banking

1. Login to Internet Banking on
2. Click on the “User Services” tab
3. Under “Manage Account,” click “Mobile Enrollment”
5. Select the “Click Here” button to proceed to the KB Go Mobile Banking Center website
6. Step 1: Enroll your mobile phone - Follow instructions by inputting the information requested then click “Enroll”
7. Step 2: Activate KB Go Mobile - Review and choose to activate SMS text message (all SMS charges will apply) and/or the Mobile Banking Service for your phone and “Continue”
8. Look for your Activation Code in red on your screen (you will need this code to access your account information)
9. Read & follow activation instructions 1-4 on your screen
10. You should be successfully enrolled in the KB Go Mobile Banking Center

...continue for iPhone app only

1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone
2. Search for “Kirkpatrick Bank” in the iPhone App Store
3. Click “Free,” then "Install"
4. After it loads, open the KB Go Mobile App
5. Enter the Activation Code you received from the KB Go Mobile Website and cell phone number
6. Select “Log In” on your iPhone screen and input your Access ID and Passcode (the same as your Internet Banking Login Access ID and Passcode)
7. You’re finished! You should now be able to access your account information from the app on your phone.