Mortgage Loan Process

Getting mortgage-ready includes a good credit score,
a knowledgeable lender, and a strong real estate advisor 

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7 Home Buying Steps

What can you expect from now until closing day?

These steps give you a behind-the-scenes look

1. Prequalify

  • Prequalify online. Go to Apply Now and begin. 

  • Do this first so you know how much home you can afford

2. Meet with Your Kirkpatrick Bank Team Member

  • Discuss programs, monthly payments, and interest rates

  • Get a prequalification letter to strengthen your purchase offer

  • Put the finishing touches on your loan application

3. Shop for Your Dream Home

  • Work with a local Realtor to find the right home in your prequalification range

  • Let your loan officer know when the seller accepts your offer

4. During the Loan Process

  • Sign and return initial loan documentation

  • Submit an executed purchase contract to your loan officer to lock your rate

  • Schedule an inspection to check the home for any major issues

  • Your lender orders the appraisal and lets you know key contract dates

  • Secure homeowners insurance coverage before your closing

  • Promptly provide requested documentation

5. Get Ready for Final Approval

  • The processor orders title commitment and preps your loan for underwriting

  • The underwriter makes the final loan approval decision

6. Review the Closing Disclosure (CD)

  • Your CD includes your final loan terms and closing costs

  • You get the CD at least 3 business days before closing

  • We confirm closing details: Where, when, who, and how much for your closing costs

7. Close on Your Home

  • Closing usually takes place at a title company

  • Bring a valid driver’s license for each borrower, plus a certified/cashier’s check if closing costs are due (payable to the title company)

  • Sign documents, get the keys, and celebrate because you’re a homeowner!


You’re now the proud owner of a new home. And you’ve made a friend for life: we are only a call away to answer your questions about your mortgage.

Loan Checklist

Let's Get Started

To help us better serve you, please be ready to provide the following documentation. You may be asked for additional items during the process. 

  • Bank Statements
    Showing most recent two-month history - ALL PAGES

  • Retirement Statements
    Showing most recent two-month history - ALL PAGES

  • Employment Pay Stubs
    From the last 30 days of all jobs held by each applicant

  • W-2 Forms
    From the most recent two years for each wage-earner applicant

  • Personal Federal Income Tax Returns (1040S)
    From the most recent two years, with all schedules, statements, and addenda (completed and signed)

  • Most Recent Mortgage Statement
    For any other properties owned by the applicant

  • Copy of Driver's License for Each Applicant

By furnishing any and/or all of the documentation, an applicant is in no way obligated to accept the terms and conditions of the mortgage offered, nor does the borrower have to provide these documents to receive a Loan Estimate.



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