Benjamin Franklin, one of the most colorful of the Founding Fathers, was a printer by trade, scientist by inclination, not to mention a statesman, philosopher and inventor. Self-taught in all respects, he made this very pertinent observation: "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." We believe this advice is pertinent to the issue of building financial literacy, especially coming from one of the chief architects of our monetary system.

Kirkpatrick Bank is passionate about fostering financial literacy. That’s why we started Kirkpatrick Kids Bank. We want to help kids:

  • Keep their money in a safe place
  • Learn how to keep track of their money and how they use it
  • Set goals and learn how to save to reach those goals
  • Learn about banks in general and how a bank account works
  • Be money smart so that they have a better life

We do this by providing a place where everything is designed around them, from the height of the teller desk to the deposit forms. They can bring in their coins and watch as the coin counter sorts and totals. They can tour the vault and go behind the teller line. We welcome groups and classes for educational field trips.