How to put money into your account:

Putting money in the bank is pretty easy and only requires a few things:

  • A deposit slip, money to deposit, and your account number. You'll also need your ID.

Really that's all! Now learn more about the process.

What is a Deposit Slip and how do I use it?

  • You can get a deposit slip in the bank lobby or drive-thru.
  • On the deposit slip, you will need to fill out some information
    • Your name, date, and your account number.
    • If you're depositing cash, there's a space for you to put the cash amount.
    • If you are depositing a check, write the amount in the correct space. Be sure to include the check number (located in the upper right hand corner).
    • If you have more than one check, there is room on the back to add more.
    • If you want cash back, put the amount you want and sign on the line with the big X next to it (X______________).
    • Do the math. Calculate the subtotal and total.

Now you've finished the deposit slip. Next comes endorsing your check.

How to endorse your check:

To deposit a check (birthday check from Grandma, pay check, etc.)

  • First, turn the check over. On the back of the check, there is a space at the top that says, "Endorse Here."
    • Sign your name.
    • Write your checking or savings account number. (Hint: to refuel your StudentCard, put your checking account number.)
    • If you can't remember your account number, ask a teller. Remember to bring your ID. Our security is pretty tight.

Final step, put it in the bank:

To deposit a check (birthday check from Grandma, pay check, etc.)

  • Give your deposit slip, endorsed check, and/or cash to the teller.
  • Ta Da! Your money's in the bank.
  • Remember, checks deposited won't show up in your account till the next business day.