How to keep track of your money:

Kirkpatrick Bank offers a several ways to help you keep track of your money:

  • You can check your balance:
    • Online at Kirkpatrickbank.com
    • By phone: call our 24/7 KB Connection Phone Line
    • At an ATM: by using the 'check balance' feature
  • You can use a Check Register to track all spending/purchases. Check registers are a great way to keep track of your money. They show you how fast you're spending money, where you are spending it, and when you need to cut back to keep your account from being overdrawn. Kirkpatrick Bank has 2 types of Check Registers available:
    • Track spending with our new Digital Check Register.
    • Track spending on your phone using the special iPhone app

Digital Check Register:

  • First, download the Excel Sheet. Click here to download.
  • The excel sheet has some pre-programmed calculations in it to make it easy to use. All you have to do is keep track of what you spend and enter it in the debit column. The total will be automatically deducted from the beginning balance you put in.
  • If you deposit money, put it in the credit column.
  • It's smart to keep your receipts and plug in all spending at the end of the day, so you know how much money is in your account.
  • You can always double-check your balance online to make sure you're doing it right.

iPhone App Register:

  • Click Here to go to the iTunes store and download it.
  • Again, put in your beginning balance and keep track of what you spend throughout the day.
  • This is a great way to see how much that pair of cool shoes will take out of your bank account.
  • If you make a deposit, plug it in!