Online Banking

How does Online Banking work?

  • Kirkpatrick Bank will mail (Yes, real mail! So check your mailbox.) all the info you need to get connected online.
    • The first letter will give you your online userID.
    • The second letter will give you your password.
  • Keep this information safe. These are the keys to your online account.
  • If you run into any problems, a quick response is just a click away at

How to get logged in to Online Banking:

  • Go to and the Login form in the top right corner.
  • You'll need the userID you got in the mail to login.
  • Kirkpatrick Bank has some tight security, so for your safety, we'll ask you to create a new password. Create a password you can remember, but make sure it's not too easy. We recommend a minimum of 8 characters using a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, like 4*3SeaTTle.
  • We have some privacy questions you'll have to fill out to make sure your account is always protected.

Congrats! You made it to your new personalized and secure KB Online Banking site.

How to use Online Banking:

  • From here, you are able to use the navigation tabs to check your account activity for purchases, ATM withdrawals, transfers, deposits, and (most importantly) your current balance.
  • You can even set up alerts to notify you when your balance dips below a certain amount by clicking on Q-Cards.
  • Just remember, payments and deposits don't always show up immediately in your online history. So be sure to keep track of your spending - a check register makes this really easy.