Your Very Own Account:

  • Having a checking account is a big step towards financial responsibility. The real responsibility comes with balancing that account to make sure you are using your money in a smart way and that you don't overdraw and get in trouble.
  • Use a check register to keep track of your money. You can use our downloadable digital check register or if you have an iPhone you can use this app to keep tabs on your spending.
  • Keeping track of your money is smart. And you learn good habits that will help you later in life.

Protecting Your Money:

  • It's important to never share your account number, passwords or pin numbers with anyone. These are the keys to your account and you need to keep them safe.
  • Choose passwords that are not easy to guess and use a variety of numbers, letters and symbols, like: Br0wn!3y3z
  • If you ever lose your card, report it to the bank immediately.

Online Banking:

  • Besides using our handy check registers to track your spending, check your account online. You can see your debits and deposits any time of day or night.
  • Check your account by going to Kirckpatrickbank.com to log-in.

SchoolCard Perks:

And if you go to Edmond North, Edmond Memorial, Edmond Santa Fe or Deer Creek schools you can sign up for the SchoolCard to help earn money for your school's foundation. Every time you swipe your card for $10 or more, 5 cents goes to your school. That money goes to help support all your school's unfunded needs.